Meet Rob Hay: The man behind "Dominion Insights"

I'm a researcher and follower of what many would know as Jesus Christ.  However I do not call myself a Christian as that is a Roman term that comes from the word Cretin, which means a dwarf and deformed idiot.  Visit this link to learn more:

I got involved in researching 9/11 a couple of months after it happened after learning that for some part it was an inside job.  The real purpose behind 9/11 was more to do with Occult Satanic reasons than anything else.  The end purpose of course was meant to enslave and eventually destroy all of humanity.

It is my journey to discover the truth in all things.  I simply share what I uncover and post information that others provide as well.  It is a difficult at times to do this kind of work as I find many people in the world have no will to learn or seek the truth and go by what they are told, rather than what is self evident before them.  The world is nothing like what people are taught in school or put forward on the Television.  It is very hard for some people to accept and apply what I teach about Law as their life time of conditioning gets in the way.

Some accuse me of being racist or any other term they can think of when I write or say something that goes against what they believe.  However I write from the perspective of love and truth, as I am commanded to love my enemies or rather those who see me as their enemy for some reason.  Truth is always he enemy of the oppressor and those who seek to oppress others directly or indirectly.  Thus ultimately my mission is to set people free through fostering a deep relationship with God our Father in Heaven, Yahuah and his son Yahushua.

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