Render onto Caesar?

Matthew 22:20-22King James Version (KJV) And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. When they had heard these words, they marvelled, and left him, and went their way.

For many Christians (which none are not in truth) the interpret this passage to mean that you pay Yahusha was saying to pay taxes to the Government and pay tribute to the Temple. Perhaps that is what they Government controlled Pastors and Priests would have you believe, but it isn't true. In short the question isn't actually answered by Yahusha, he leaves it open as to what is or isn't Caesar, thus avoiding the trap laid out by those presenting the question to him. If he said not to pay Caesar it would be an act of sedition and if he said yes, pay Caesar it would imply God was under the rule of Caesar.

The coin produced like all coins today, are actually graven images including paper money as the ink contains metal. So the Jews of the day actually used coins with no graven images on them as much as possible. In the times when God was opening up the land of Israel to his Congregation, the only type of gold allowed to be taken for the Children of Israel was unmarked metals gold mostly which was not engraved, as well no idols.

I have always gone back to scripture to determine the answer to this question as to what exactly is God's and what is Caesar's. In Exodus 19:5 LORD God says, all the earth is mine. If it comes from the earth, is on the earth and originates from the earth in any way, it belongs to God as he claims complete ownership of the earth. He gave man dominion over all the earth, which means to rule over, but not own. According to God we are all equals man, male and female alike. This is absolute as Yahuah LORD God is our Creator.

So who created Caesar? Caesar was worshiped as god, who wanted to be God, but isn't God. This is what the Holy Roman Empire is based upon today, where the Pope is seen as God. Most do not realize that their tax dollars go to the Vatican not to fund the needs of their Countries. The funding for the roads, schools, military etc. come through a banking process called Securitization, whereby the signature of the person issuing the cheque or bill, creates the money. The money is artificially created at birth and put into a trust fund, that is continually robbed by the Pirates of the Court System and Legislatures. It is unlimited way to create money without using printing presses. It is simply adjusting numbers on a Ledger and like magick (which it is), instant money for the Government or more specifically the elite that siphon kick backs off of it.

In fact Yahusha made it clear that we are not to give Pastors any money, but to help feed the poor and love others. To Yahusha money was the root of all evil. Through love we have no need of money and all is shared in abundance with all. There is no greed just what is needed to keep people content and balance between man and nature.

So I have explained that everything belongs to God, then what if anything can I attribute that belongs to Caesar if all is God's. Well what is Caesar's is fiction and lies. Caesar lives within a fiction based world, that has no truth within it. The simple idea of putting one's image on something such as a coin, puts a finite level of existence on that individual and those that support it. For Caesar and his law, there is nothing more important than to live a lie. It edifies their Sun God being Satan, who is the Father of all lies and a murderer from the beginning. It is a materialistic world without God, upon which man in he absence of God declares himself/herself as God. Yahusha mentioned that he was in the world but not of it, in fact he hated the world because it is based upon lies. Murder is used to keep the lies alive and the pitiful desire for power over others alive and well. It is an existence where material wealth defines who you are and what power you can wield within a society.

Most Governments today are completely sold out to the whims of the Wealthy through their corrupt bribery systems. No one is allowed to advance into power without being first vetted by the money elite. It is their wishes and whims that their selected puppets do for them and their god Satan. You see no life can exist within fiction, hence why those involved within it use dead persons within a play. The simply act out the dead person, giving it life to implement dead law and dead structure that sucks life from man and the earth. When we render onto Caesar we actually are rendering onto the dead and our life energy is sucked from us, only to be destroyed or given to the elite to use to gain more power over masses. You see for one individual to be rich, many must be poor. In God's Kingdom, to be rich is to love others as love always goes with you at death, material wealth doesn't go and leaves those who harbor it and the values that come with it very poor in the after life in God's eyes.

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