The Government Snake Pit

If Government Officials take an Oath of Office, should not that oath also include that they are not allowed to lie to any Citizen of a Country, under any circumstance? If the people we elect in a democracy don't make good on their campaign promises, should they be held accountable financially and criminally? Beyond protecting people who would suffer great harm from criminal actions of others, what information can justly be with-held from the Citizens?

What people do in their personal lives is not the concern or is it? If people are involved in Religions or Secret Societies where they can be absolved of their Oaths or be allowed to lie, isn't that reason in of itself for their dismissal from Public Office? The Kol Nidre' being a prayer Jews and Freemasons may partake in for example, absolves them of their oath of office, yet do they tell the Public about this if they do partake in it?

Islam for example allows people to lie if it advances the goals of Islam, one which is to bring about Sharia Law over all the world or to trick people into joining Islam. Are these the kind of people we want making decisions for all the Citizens of a Country or Nation State? If liars are not held accountable in any way and are allowed to push through laws which enrich and protect a segment of the population over the others for Political and Economic benefit of that segment, is it fair? How can one have a democratic society when lying is allowed by those in positions of authority? In realistic terms a democracy can not function unless all information on subjects is not honestly presented or withheld. When people are allowed to lie to the detriment of others and the enrichment of one self or a group of people, that is called Coveting under the 10 Commandments.

Dictatorships often are disguised as democracies as parties involved in the Election are controlled by the same hidden hand. Thus politicians are not elected, but selected. Some are elected through fraud others are simply brought into power by running against people who are in their same Society, vying to bring about changes that support their Society or Religion. Thus they circumvent religion by saying that the Government and all it's operations are secular based. So they won't let people wear Religious items while at work, but if you look at the laws and policies that are passed they favor one group over another, usually the big Corporations and Wealthy get first dibs on what is passed.

In Canada and many other Commonwealth Countries the Government has a Privy Council that advises the Government on what laws should be introduced and passed. This is unfettered lobbying, with the same criminal gang arching over all that goes on. What if the Legislators were not actually accountable to the people in any way? This is the reality of what goes on in most if not all Common Wealth Countries, where Legislators (Law Makers) swear their Oath to obey the Queen and her successors. There is nothing about them having to Obey the law or be held accountable to the Citizens they purport to serve in a Country. In Question Period many times the arguments that take place are scripted, there is no real accountability as the Government in power is free not to answer any questions brought before it. Those that actually do try to hold the Government to account most times come down with Cancer perhaps or are simply killed.

Thus we find ourselves being governed by a snake pit of liars. The serpent lied to eve and caused the fall of man, and here again we find a similar situation where the fall of nations is predicated on the acceptance of the public to be fed shit and kept in the dark. From time to time people in positions of authority are removed from office due to public outcry and replaced by another individual of the same cloth. It is hysterical that Judges can't be influenced when they get a large percentage of all fines paid by defendants and a kick back for everyone they put into private prisons. There can be no justice for all that are equal before the law, if the Judges and Officers of the Court are immune to any prosecution themselves for failing to adhere to the law in processing cases that come before the courts. When a Supreme Court can pick and choose what cases it should hear.

The devastating costs involved in defending oneself within the court systems in the world are put in place so that the poor are held in oppression, when they try to fight for what is truly their rights and freedoms being destroyed by the Government. Many people are falsely accused and put in jail to silence them and introduction of new laws such as Islamophobia based laws, destroy the very fabric of free speech and rights of a free and open society. It is not simply limited there, it is whoever has authority to enforce the laws that do not do so in protecting the rights of others over the few, are also Coveting and lying about their position as a Public Servant to the Citizens of a Country. When they serve only the Queen and her agenda only, then you live within a dictatorship, not a democracy.

Most of the world today operates in this way. There are few leaders that actually care about the people that they serve and do their best to bring forward an open and fair government. The only way out of this mess is if we are allowed to hold people in authority accountable for lying or purposefully misrepresenting their intentions. As soon as their is any compensation outside of one's pay for doing what they do, they should be removed from their position of authority. Justin Trudeau having the Trudeau Fund exposed out in the open and still holding office is travesty and he is truly a snake giving preference of Government contracts to does that donate etc. Hillary Clinton was doing much the same through the Clinton Foundation and much more, but was never investigated or held accountable.

And finally Multiculturalism can never work, because a nation state is based upon the formation of a nation with people who hold similar values. Multiculturalism ultimately destroys nation states as one segment of the population tries to push their ideology on another. The introduction of Islam into westernized Christian based Countries is resulting in a devastation to the Christians and those that want to simply live and love. The core purpose of Islam is to subjugate or kill those that do not follow Islam and introduce Sharia Law as the Nation State Law. The use of Terrorism and all out war on defenseless civilian populations is self evident to anyone that cares to simply open their eyes too it.

Indeed God's earth has been turned into a snake pit. So many are deceived or simply working to advance the Anti-Christ Agenda. Sadly God is allowing it as he is being fair in allowing those who reject him to find their own way outside of God's Righteous ways and Justice. It amazes me that people will fall for lies over and over again. The bigger the lie the more they seem to fall for it, rather than simply do a little critical thinking and using some logic. It is abundantly clear that the murder of Able by his brother Cain sets no limits on what Godless people will do in search to fulfill the void of living without God in their lives. Hundreds of millions of people have been killed over the lies that this snake pit has generated. So much so they even rewrite history to make the those doing evil look good.

Ultimately according to God everyone is held accountable by him when they die. For those that don't believe this it is to their detriment in the end and to the determent of those they harm in this life time on earth. It is beyond reason that people cannot see the wisdom of the 10 Commandments and adhere to them. Fewer yet even want to adhere to the Commands that Yahusha gave us all to love one another.

I can't say I am perfect without ever lying to another individual myself, but I do as Yahusha for forgiveness and take the 10 commandments seriously and do my best to love others. People seen to hate and loath the truth when it is not in their favour to do so. People want to hold onto belief systems that benefit them over others rather than the simple truth that we are all created equal and by that alone, we should treat each other as equals and fulfill our duties and roles in life in ways that support all those around us in love. Sadly that seems to be pipe dream and it will be God I think in the end that will sort all this out. If you haven't given yourself over to Yahusha as your master and choose to follow him I sincerely urge that you do, for there is no salvation within a snake pit, only through Yahusha.


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